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Exterior Painting Contractors in Southern Oregon


Grants Pass,

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Surrounding Areas

When completing your Beagley’s Painting project, proper surface preparation is crucial for achieving a long lasting paint job. An extensive cleaning and pressure-washing to remove dirt and mildew is the first step in preparing exterior house and commercial building painting surfaces. Beagley’s Painters know what it takes to create a custom exterior painting project that will beautify your home or office, and last to protect your investment. 

All loose paint and defective caulking is removed.  In Southern Oregon, rain, wind and heat are concerns. Any rotted boards or siding should be replaced or repaired, and all new or bare wood primed. Gaps and cracks between adjoining wood, or wood and masonry, should be caulked with sealant. Light fixtures and hardware, which are not to be painted are removed or properly protected, and all plants are moved or covered.

Not sure where to start?  We have an on-staff designer and painter available for consultations in Southern Oregon, and can transform your vision into a reality.  We do all exterior painting projects in the Medford, Ashland and Grants Pass, Oregon Areas.  Beagley’s Painting can keep you project on time and on budget.

Exterior Paint Contracting in the following locations and surrounding areas:

  • Medford, OR
  • Grants Pass, OR
  • Ashland, OR
  • Talent, OR
  • Phoenix, OR
  • White City, OR
  • Central Point, OR
  • Eagle Point, OR
  • Shady Cove, OR
  • Gold Hill, OR
  • Rogue River, OR